Funding Partners

We appreciate the generous support of Orange County’s business and philanthropic communities.

  • Sandra & Lawrence R. Armstrong
  • Cinda S. & Steven Churm
  • Greg E. Custer – Whittier Trust
  • The Isidore & Penny Myers Foundation

Faith Leaders Council

Dozens of esteemed faith leaders from across Orange County have come together to create the Faith Leaders Council of United to End Homelessness. This Council’s role is to serve as a spiritual advisory board for the initiative and forge the strategy for engaging, educating and mobilizing the faith community to action. Focus areas include:

  • Educating leaders and members of faith communities regarding the facts of and solutions for homelessness in Orange County
  • Training and developing community champions who advocate for supportive housing in their communities


Our faith traditions compel us to:

  • Use our voices, platforms, and influence to bring attention to the homeless crisis in Orange County
  • Use our relationships in the community to engage others in education, conversations, action and advocacy to bring forth solutions to end homelessness
  • To pray AND act to end homelessness in our community


As faith leaders we believe that:

  • Every person and child experiencing homelessness possesses a divine dignity, known in some traditions as the image of God
  • We are called to love our human family and ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect
  • It is our moral imperative to provide housing, support and restoration for those experiencing homelessness


We the undersigned will persevere in this commitment until all our neighbors dwell in dignity.

  • Lisa Armony
    Jewish Federation & Family Services
  • Steve Bieghler
    Lamb of God Lutheran Church
  • Candie Blankman
    San Clemente Presbyterian Church
  • Brenda Bos
    Christ Lutheran Church
  • Cathie Capp
    University United Methodist Church
  • Heidi Cohen
    Temple Beth Sholom
  • Mark Davis
    St. Mark Presbyterian Church
  • Donald Dermit
    The Rock, Anaheim
  • Kent Doss
    Tapestry, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation
  • Curtis Drever
    Irvine Presbyterian Church
  • Dr. Brad Fieldhouse
    City Net
  • Mitch Fierro
    EvFree Fullerton
  • Erica Flora
    Eastside Christian Church
  • Lester Mackenzie
    St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
  • Celeste Martinez-Rivero
    Relove Church
  • Andrew Nelson
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Jason Phillips
    Fullerton ACT, Fullerton Collaborative, Fullerton Interfaith Ministerial Association, Sojourners Church
  • James Pike
    Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
  • Janice and Mike Reger
    Santa Clara de Asis Catholic Church
  • Laura Siriani
    St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
  • Ahmed Soboh
  • Ian Stevenson
    Trellis International
  • John Steward
    Mount of Olives Church
  • Lynn Stone
    Yorba Linda Presb Church
  • Karen Stoyanoff
    Unitarian Universalist Church of Fullerton
  • BJ Sullivan
    Interfaith Counil of Greater RSM; Member of St Johns Episcopal Church
  • Thomas Thorkelson
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and VP, Orange County Interfaith Network (OCIN)
  • Marcia Tilchin
    Jewish Collaborative of Orange County
  • Maribel Toan
    Newsong Church of Orange County
  • Cindy Voorhees
    St. James Episcopal Church
  • Greg Walgenbach
    Roman Catholic Diocese
  • Ralph Villiamson
    COR Church & CDC
  • K’Vod Wieder
    Temple Beth El of South OC
  • Sian Wiltshire
    Newport, Mesa, Irvine Interfaith Council / Orange Coast Uniterian Universalist Church

Service Provider Partners

Essential to success of United to End Homelessness are the incredible service providers who have been addressing the issue in Orange County for decades. These leaders provide valuable insights, direction and effective “best practice” solutions for the initiative, while serving as vital “boots on the ground,” working day in and day out with our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

We the undersigned, as service providers share a commitment to ending homelessness in Orange County.


We Believe:

  • That people experiencing homelessness have the right to make decisions about their housing and support services as they work to end their homelessness
  • That homelessness can be ended
  • That housing ends homelessness
  • In the proven effectiveness of the Housing First approach


We Will:

  • Work collaboratively in support of the recommendations of the 2017 UCI Cost Study of Homelessness in partnership with Orange County United Way, a network of service providers and the public, private and philanthropic sectors who compose United to End Homelessness
  • Communicate collectively and with one voice around the issue of homelessness and its solutions, participate in United to End Homelessness public awareness campaigns and support positive solutions in our daily work as well as public settings
  • Participate in United to End Homelessness meetings and develop solutions that can be brought to scale together
  • Be flexible and responsive to each person’s unique circumstances and needs, committing to a high standard of support and care coordination so their homelessness can end
  • Participate in activities that encourage and allow our system of care to evolve and become more efficient
  • Measure our progress, and use data to make informed decisions and implement changes as needed to ensure we operate at the highest standard possible
  • Actively participate in the United to End Homelessness Public Awareness Campaign, advocating for proven solutions to end homelessness
  • Work together to help educate the public about solutions for homelessness by sharing data, stories, progress, and shared public awareness assets
  • Strategically work to end all types of homelessness, with chronic homelessness being our first goal
  • End homelessness in Orange County
  • 2-1-1 Orange County
  • Anaheim Housing Authority
  • American Family Housing
  • Build Futures
  • Caring Hands Case Management
  • Chrysalis
  • City Net
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Families Forward
  • Family Assistance Ministries
  • Family Promise of Orange County
  • Family Solutions Collaborative
  • Friendship Shelter
  • Grandma’s House of Hope
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • HIS House Homeless Intervention Shelter
  • HomeAid Orange County
  • Human Options
  • Illumination Foundation
  • Jamboree
  • Mental Health Association of Orange County
  • Mercy House
  • Orangewood Foundation
  • Our Father’s Table
  • Pathways of Hope
  • People for Housing – OC YIMBY
  • Precious Life Shelter, Inc.
  • Project Hope Alliance
  • Salvation Army
  • Santa Ana Housing Authority
  • Share Our Selves
  • South County Outreach
  • SPIN
  • StandUp For Kids
  • The Kennedy Commission
  • Thomas House Family Shelter
  • Tierney Center for Veteran Services, Goodwill OC
  • WISEPlace